Our Story

Stovall & Young is personal. We are two best friends who grew up and grew tired of wearing jeans which claimed to be American but were assembled and shipped from overseas. Combining quality materials and expert craftsmanship, we chose to make a jean sourced in the USA and made in the USA that will stand the test of time and whatever you can throw at them, while still looking like a million bucks. We learned on our feet, worked hard and are proud of our product. The cuts fit well, the jeans look great, and they’re built to last.

Stovall & Young is inspired. From our friends and family to our own city of San Francisco to the vibrancy of this great country as a whole, we draw inspiration and let it shine through in everything we make with pride, strength and originality.

Stovall & Young is local. All of our materials are sourced from suppliers in the USA and our jeans are expertly crafted in San Francisco. From our meticulously woven denim by White Oak Cone Denim in Greensborough, North Carolina to the finishing touch of a leather patch beautifully crafted in Portland, Oregon, keeping it local just fits.

Stovall & Young is pleased to make your acquaintance.